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Sc medical board disciplinary actions

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The Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners has taken action against the following healthcare professionals (1988 to present). To see details, click on a licensee's name. Once in the details, if the date of the entry is underlined, the public document is available online and can be viewed/downloaded/printed by clicking on the date.

State medical boards define the following actions as unprofessional conduct: Alcohol and substance abuse Sexual misconduct Neglect of a patient Failing to meet a state’s accepted standard of care Prescribing drugs in excess or without legitimate reason Dishonesty during the license application process Conviction of a felony Fraud.

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6 stages in disciplinary process: 1. Complaint or crime reported 2. Investigation, interview 3. Medical board accusation 4. Administrative hearing 5. Writ of mandate appeal 6. Petition for relief/reinstatement Investigation risks for physicians Medical board disciplinary actions Patient’s Right to Know Act guide Criminal reporting requirement.

Jan. 7, 2022 6:51 PM PT. Long under fire from patients and consumer advocates, the Medical Board of California is asking lawmakers to pass several far-reaching reforms to help it discipline bad.

Formal or informal disciplinary action may include: Fines and/or cost recovery; Additional training or educational courses; Conditions or limitations on a license; Suspension or revocation of a license;.

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